Outreach Network

Serves as the main network in helping live out our faith outside the ‘walls of the church’ to reach people where they are, and lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

How to do this

Reaching them - By showing up and meeting the people where they are, and be examples to them of the love that Jesus has for everyone.

Serving them – Through the skills, talents and resources God has blessed us and connecting with the organizations/groups in the local community, we perform acts of service to help and support meet the needs of the people, and make a positive impact in their lives.

Teaching Them - By investing in people’s lives through showing genuine care towards them, we invite them to hear about Christ and study the bible. We plan and choose activities and opportunities that will allow us to share our faith through word and deeds.


How to get involved

Connect Team - The Connect Team seeks to provide opportunities at CIC for people to connect, meet, and begin to build relationships with each other. It aims to provide a welcoming front door environment and deeper connections to the life and ministry of CIC.

Opportunities to Serve:

  • Greeters for Sunday Worship gathering and special events
  • Parking Lot attendees
  • Coffee Cafe help (setup and teardown)
  • Ushers to help during Sunday Worship gatherings and special events.
  • Web/Graphic Designers who can donate time and skill to church communication/social media projects.

Small Group Meetings - Small Group Meetings are designed to provide an avenue to meet outside of the Sunday Service schedule to study further the word of God and to connect to a community group. Its purpose is to get beyond your Sunday involvement at CIC. You may have been prompted to act during a sermon, but you've been left with more questions than answers: What is my next step in following Jesus? How do I connect with people like me or get into a small group? Small group meetings give you a chance to voice out these concerns and get guidance in a more comfortable setting.

Opportunities to Serve:

  • Commit to join a group (If you are not yet connected to one)
  • Host a Small Group Meeting
  • Lead a small group

Contact Information: connect.cic@gmail.com

CIC Outreach Network (2017)

As a church, we grow in many different ways. Discover how the Outreach Network helps CIC's growth!

Posted by Concord International Church on Sunday, February 5, 2017