Our Story

Concord International Church was originally founded as Concord Community Church. It started as a church plant in the year 2010 and the first worship service was held on December 5, 2010, at the Fireside section of the West Cabarrus Church in Concord, North Carolina.


However, the seed was sown on the other side of the country in San Diego, California where Ben Bautista was pastoring a church. Pastor Ben, upon the invitation of Pastor Ralph Garay, left sunny California for the blue skies of North Carolina. After much prayer, he decided to move to Concord to plant a church. It was the month of February in 2010, and North Carolina, along with the rest of the East Coast, was experiencing one of the coldest winters in history.

Chillin' on the driveway.
The Dabler home where the first Bible study was held.

Pastor Ben stayed at the home of JR and Rissa Dabler. In April 2010, Pastor Ben’s perseverance paid off as he conducted a bible study at the Dabler home. In attendance were JR and Rissa, Chinqui, Yum, Glen Sta. Ana and three of Chinqui’s officemates. It was the start of the weekly bible study meetings.


After a few weeks, the Lord added new families and individuals to the bible study group: The Sta. Anas, Caitlyn Jensen and Kim Mandani. Next came the Felicianos, the Saavedras, the Aves, the Acompanados and Jessica Esguerra. It was June 2010, and the group was now meeting in five homes.

In September 2010, the group had their first water baptism at the Acompanado’s bathroom when Kim Mandani and Lindsay Carter publicly confessed their faith before the group inside a bathtub.

With the growth in attendance, the group prayed for a bigger place to meet their need for a regular Sunday worship service. By God’s grace, the West Cabarrus Church graciously allowed the group free use of the Fireside section of their worship center. On December 5, 2010, the bible study group had their first Sunday Worship Service and they became Concord Community Church.

Pastor Ben believed that his main calling was to plant churches that would plant other churches. In October 2011, Pastor Ben decided that it was time to go back to the Philippines to plant a church. Pastor Ralph Garay stepped in to serve as the temporary pastor of Concord Community Church.

In 2012, Pastor Terry Casiño, a professor and member of the Gardner-Webb University faculty, joined Concord Community Church as one of its pastors.

In January 2013, the congregation decided to change its name from Concord Community Church (CCC) to Concord International Church (CIC) to broaden its reach among different ethnic groups.


Over the years, CIC continued to grow in attendance as well as in its needs and functions. One of the results of this growth was Gracepoint International Church, which started out as a small group Bible study of CIC in Gastonia under Pastor Terry.  On July 24, 2016, Gracepoint International held its first Sunday Worship Service. With CIC's blessing, Pastor Terry and Dr. Cecille moved on to Gracepoint International for them to fully dedicate their time and effort in the newly planted church.


Eventually, CIC’s needs as a church outgrew the Fireside’s limited availability and space. On August 7, 2016, after calling West Cabarrus Church’s Fireside home for more than 5 years, CIC moved to the Great Commission Center in Charlotte, NC. Not only was there a change in the venue, but Sunday services began to be held in the morning, as opposed to the usual afternoon service.

Pastor Ralph, with his growing commitments and obligations as Asian Church Planting consultant for the Baptist State Convention of NC, requested to be released from his pastoral responsibilities in CIC in the summer of 2016. He became a church consultant for CIC until December, 2016.

In August 2016, Pastor Granville Casiño became the lead pastor in a voluntary role.  In October 30, 2016, Pastor Granville Casiño was ordained and was later appointed the lead pastor of CIC on May 21, 2017.

Today, CIC continues to build on its foundation towards stability as a church in order to fulfill the mission God has prepared for the congregation. We praise and thank God for His faithfulness knowing that as we journey together in faith in the coming years, He will be with us.