Fellowship Network

Fellowship, or 'koinonia' in Greek, comes from the word 'koinos' which means 'to share in common.' Fellowship, therefore, is sharing of what we have in common. It is “incorporating” into the body of believers, and becoming “one” in worshipping, loving, caring, and sharing.

The main responsibility of the Fellowship network is to plan and organize a variety of social events for all ages of our congregation throughout the year. These events help our members to get to know each other better, feel more connected to our church community and to have fun.

Vision for Fellowship

Fellowship is the cornerstone of the communal life of the church. It is through fellowship that we provide a sense of community, and give new people ways to be integrated into the life of the church. As we assemble for worship, ministry, and a variety of social events, we will develop and maintain meaningful, Christ-centered friendships across all generations. It is through these relationships that support and encouragement are provided during the joys and trials of life. Genuine hospitality is demonstrated by opening our lives and homes to others in the congregation. Through our shared faith in Jesus Christ, we will develop togetherness and unity within this community of believers.


Our Mission

The mission of the Fellowship Network is to provide activities for the church family and friends to join in Christian Fellowship to enrich relationships and encourage the community around us. We take joy and feel excited in planning activities and creating environments in which relationships can flourish, tummies are fed and memories are made.

How to get involved

We are looking for volunteers to join and take part in sharing ideas and helping plan and coordinate events. Fellowship needs people who love helping, serving others, and have that passion to cook. If you are unable to commit as a member, we can always use your help whenever you are available especially with set-up, serving food and clean-up during events.


Contact Information: fellowshipteam.cic@gmail.com



CIC Fellowship Network (2017)

Learn about our Fellowship Network and be a part of what God is doing at Concord International Church!

Posted by Concord International Church on Sunday, January 15, 2017