Compassion Network

The Compassion Network, is an initiative to engage our church in demonstrating the love and compassion that God has for His people. In the bible, Jesus has showed, in many instances, that not only did He have compassion but He also showed it by His actions. As followers of Christ, we are called to share the gospel, not just by way of proclamation, but also in our ways, in our action.

This network aims to provide leadership to the church's social ministries including pastoral caregiving, Christian counseling, social justice, and benevolence. It is responsible for identifying the needs of the members of our congregation and the community, as well as mobilizing the congregation for community service and, in case of calamities, to coordinate with other ministries, faith communities, government agencies, and other religious organizations in responding to the needs, both local and international.




How to get involved

We are looking for volunteers in the following opportunities-to-serve:

  • Prayer Team – Prayer partners to commit a time of prayer together before every Sunday worship service and individual prayer time for the church’s and its congregation’s prayer needs.
  • Cards/ Visitation Team - Sending out cards during birthdays, sickness, and any life events as well visitation.
  • CIC Café Help – Setup, preparation, and clean-up. We also welcome food/snacks donations for the café or for food drive campaigns.

Contact Information: